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Thank you, YURI!

🌟The YURI project comes to an end! We feel very grateful and motivated to continue diving deeper into intercultural dialogues between urban and rural youth for collective entrepreneurship! 🛤️🌱 A heartfelt thank you 🙏 to everyone who supported, to all partner organizations, and to all participants in our activities, training sessions, and events.

🤝 We aim to have contributed to promoting innovative forms of social and collective entrepreneurship among young people, particularly those who are facing difficulties and/or fewer opportunities. We are dedicated to actively involving young people in the fight against climate change from an intercultural, systemic, and skill-building perspective. 🚀

📚 Based on our enriching experience, we've crafted a practical FREE HANDBOOK packed with activities and vital research. This resource is tailored for the youth, professionals working with the young, and policymakers. We hope it will be a useful tool that can be adapted to various contexts.

🔗 Download the handbook from

💚 Glad for the journey we've shared together, and looking forward to future collaborations promoting inclusion, sustainability, and entrepreneurship. Thank you for so much! 💚

YURI Project Partners:

La Xixa Teatre (Spain), Fundación Cepaim (Spain), CESIE (Italy), Elan Interculturel (France), KMOP (Belgium) @Xwhy (Lithuania), YEU Cyprus (Cyprus)




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