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Youth Entrepreneurship and Sustainability: The YURI Project International Conference

💡On the 8th of June, the YURI team proudly presented the project and its result to an audience formed by professionals, organisations, and policy-makers working in the field of youth, entrepreneurship, and sustainability. 🌟

It was a great opportunity to share our findings. Additionally, we reflected on our YURI experience in each of the partner countries where we implemented training and workshops for youngsters and youth workers living in rural and urban areas. 📚

The participants of the international training presented the three Forum Theatre plays that they created, inspired by the topics of the project, and received important recognition for their work and commitment from the YURI staff and conference attendees. 👏

🤝Last but not least, we could benefit from the collaboration and speeches of important European actors participating in the conference, who also shared opportunities and tools available for young people, as well as good practices of youth entrepreneurship. 🚀




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