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Youth for Social Change: YURI's International Training Journey in Brussels

From the 6th to the 8th of June 2023, 24 young people from Spain, Cyprus, France, Italy, and Lithuania, accompanied by their group leaders from the YURI consortium, gathered in Brussels to participate in the YURI Final International Training for Youth.

The training included:

🌟 an exciting and highly informative visit to the European Parliament and a city tour

🌟 YURI activities led by our international team aimed at deepening their understanding, discussing, and addressing belief systems linked to rural and urban lifestyles, as well as developing the skills needed to promote social, green, and collective initiatives

🌟 the collaborative creation of three Forum Theatre plays, which were later presented during the final conference

According to the participants' testimonies, which you will soon be able to watch in a video we are preparing, the training allowed them to discover Forum Theatre, deepen their knowledge of environmental issues and the barriers that exist between rural and urban communities, and enhance their self-awareness, self-esteem, teamwork, communication, and social skills. This experience was also a remarkable intercultural journey as they met individuals from different countries, each with unique cultures and lifestyles. 🌍



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