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YURI Joint Staff Training in Barcelona!

A few weeks ago, the YURI Project partners visited Barcelona: La Xixa (Spain), CEPAIM (Spain), YEU (Cyprus), Elan Intercultural (France), Xwhy (Lithuania), Cesie (Italy) and REFRAME (Belgium). During the 29th, 30th, 31st of March, we carried out this training with the project partner teams. The aim was to collaboratively share the tools, methodologies and strategies to be able to develop the YURI pilots in each of the participating countries.

From La Xixa, we focused this meeting on theatrical techniques, in particular the Theater Forum, as well as on methodologies that can be used to increase confidence and dialogue with young people.

The YURI project promotes innovative methodologies of social and collective entrepreneurship among young people, especially young people who face difficulties and/or fewer opportunities, who live in both rural and urban environments. Moreover, YURI involves the youth in the fight against climate change from an intercultural perspective.

During these days, we could visit several spaces of social and cultural interest and very powerful collaborative participation initiatives such as the Impulsem project, which we visited on April 1st.

Impulsem is a non-profit social initiative cooperative located in the Ciutat Vella District, in the Raval neighbourhood of Barcelona, ​​in an old 19th-century factory of more than 1,600 m². Its main purpose is to improve the quality of life of citizens, developing actions of an integrative nature in the fields of education, social work and permanent training, as well as having the purpose of setting up a network of learning and work support in the neighbourhood.

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